Kcal Manifesto

At Kcal we envision a world where everyone has access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food.

A world where everyone understands the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Our manifesto is simple – to change the image of fast food by providing healthy, nutritious and delicious fast food that helps people live energetic, vibrant and healthy lifestyles!

Kcal Story

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Dubai, Kcal is the brain child of two passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs, Mark Carroll and Andreas L Borgmann. After leaving the gym one evening, there was just one thing on their minds – food – but they were at a loss given that the only options were fast food chains, lacking any nutritious, healthy, or calorie-controlled menus. A good old light bulb moment followed and the Kcal seed was planted.

Since then, Kcal has enjoyed phenomenal success in the UAE and is now forging ahead with plans to expand via franchising beyond the Middle East. In Dubai alone, there are six thriving branches as well as other divisions including Kcal Extra, Kcal Catering and the newly launched Fuel Up by Kcal.

At Kcal we’re passionate about taking a holistic approach towards healthy living and ultimately promoting active lifestyles with meaning, purpose and reward. We like to be connected to those around us and we want to have a positive impact on every single person. At Kcal, we believe the best way we can take care of ourselves is to feed our bodies with incredible wellness-boosting, energy-increasing, life-enhancing food at any occasion.

Today, Kcal is more than just a foodie company. Kcal is a lifestyle that caters for all those who want to eat well and feel good about themselves. Fast food needn’t be boring or restrictive. Quite the opposite because with Kcal, you don’t need to sacrifice the food you love to be healthy. We’re passionate about conveying this message, which lies at our very core.

Kcal Experience

At Kcal, we encourage a positive team environment that helps cultivate healthy lifestyle choices for our customers and our clients! No matter if you’re eating in one of our restaurants, enjoying a Kcal Healthy Fast Food take out meal, or getting your daily nutrition needs met via a personalized Kcal Extra meal plan you can be certain you’re receiving a high quality, well balanced and nutritious options that give you more energy, help you feel great about what you’re eating and let you experience the results you need to live a healthy lifestyle.